Darko Kastelan

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School of Medicine, University of Zagreb,

Department of Endocrinology, University Hospital Zagreb, Croatia


Darko Kastelan is a Professor of Internal Medicine at Zagreb University School of Medicine, Head of the Department of Endocrinology, University Hospital Zagreb, Head of the Croatian Referral Centre for adrenal gland disorders and President of the Croatian Society for Endocrinology and Diabetology. He is a Clinical Lead of the European Society of Endocrinology Focus Area on Adrenal and Neuroendocrine Tumours.

His main clinical interests involve adrenal tumours, especially adrenal carcinomas, Cushing’s syndrome and management of patients with pituitary tumours. He is involved in several international research projects in the field of adrenal and pituitary tumours.

He served as a speaker at many national and international meetings. He has published about 70 original scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and several books and book chapters in the area of clinical neuroendocrinology and adrenal tumours. Darko Kastelan serves as a reviewer for many international journals including European Journal of Endocrinology, JCEM, Clinical Endocrinology, Endocrine and Endocrine Connections.

Darko Kastelan has been very active in endocrine-related education. He is a member of the ESE Education Committee, the ESE representative at the ESE-MRCP(UK) SCE Board and the Director of the Croatian Training Program in Endocrinology and Diabetology.